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Clare Whitehouse


As a co- founder of  Yoga Collective and with a background in health and fitness, I have over 25 years teaching experience. 

Yoga has really, I mean really changed my life.

From a adrenaline fuelled fitness addict, with a mind to match!

To a calmer, more chilled out ( still a work in progress)

51+ mother of two.

“Yoga is a gift that I want to share with as many people as I can.

It has enabled me to feel calmer, stronger, and more resilient than ever before.

I feel that yoga is like a pension plan for us all.

Making us more mobile, flexible, and stronger both mentally and physically.

Allowing us to connect with something greater than ourselves, finding some spirituality or sense of community”.

I have been working in education and training for many years and love my role as a tutor and assessor for

YMCAfit Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga, both online and at numerous venues across the country.

Throughout my whole career I have been interested in

the anatomy of movement ,this led me to become

a qualified Swedish & Sports Massage therapist.

As I age I realised how grateful I am to have a body that can bend and stretch, without breaking ( well most of the time).

I am less interested in trying to get into the most advanced postures or the tightest lycra.

I want to "feel" better, happier, and healthier - fancy joining me?