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Hello April 

March into Spring

Just as the phoenix rose from the flames, we will rise from this challenging time!

Practice with a feeling of re-birth, renewal and re-invention. 

Expect to practice postures related to birds: Soar like an Eagle/ Garudasana, ruffle

your tail feathers like a Pigeon / Eka Pada Rajakapotasana,

and glide like a Heron/ Krounchasana.

Build "fire" or tapas with strong postures that build strength in the legs and core, revolve

through the spine with binding variations. 

We continue to practice warming pranayama and mudra, and set intentions of 

positivity and moving forward in life. 

Yoga on the park

We are delighted to bring you classes on the park again.

From Monday 26th April there will be 3 classes per week at

Beacon Park, Lichfield.

Monday 10.15am/ 1 hour Vinyasa flow with Lynny

Wednesday 10am/ 1 hour Yoga Basics with Clare

Saturday 9am/ 1 hour Vinyasa flow with Becky

All classes are 1 hour and cost £6

Classes MUST be pre booked through our bookings page.


Booking is now OPEN.

Class numbers are very limited so we recommend that you book your place quickly.



Covid restrictions are still in place so please maintain social distancing and bring

ALL your own equipment ( mat, bricks, blanket etc)

Our Covid 19 policy can be viewed on our website. 


To stay in contact with you for these classes we are setting up "what's app" groups.

If the weather is unsuitable for practice we can quickly and easily inform you.

Please refer to your booking confirmation email with details on how to join the group.  

First class FREE

Stay safe at home, with us.

Try your first class with us for FREE*

Book your class through our bookings page and use this discount code firstclassfree

Join us for some really  great yoga and more...

Over 25 Virtual and pre-recorded classes, monthly extended classes

well as access to regular pre-recorded classes to watch anytime. 

Classes to suit all ages and abilities with knowledgeable,

experienced teachers.

* T's & C's apply.

Contact us

Clare - 07877 627990

Lynny - 07977 408136 

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