Lynny Jennings



I have been practising yoga and other holistic practices now regularly for over 10 years. I have a background working as a fitness professional with over 20 years teaching experience and a co-founder of  Yoga Collective.

Yoga is my passion and a way of life; I am endlessly fascinated by its ability to strengthen and heal the body and calm the mind. I am also a practitioner in Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish & Eastern based massage.

I have also been lucky to work as a yoga teacher trainer, training and coaching new students on their journey of becoming teachers.

My Inspiration is drawn from eastern sources and my own experience has taught me that yoga is a wonderful way to connect with the physical and inner self and enjoy all the benefits from strength and flexibility to enhanced awareness and inner balance.

What can you expect from me?

  • I will be committed to supporting your journey at a pace you feel comfortable with.

  • I will be empathetic to your needs and am always here to help and support you. I do offer 1 to 1 sessions in yoga, health & wellbeing.

  • I deliver classes in a friendly, non-judgmental & comfortable environment where both experienced and less experienced individuals can relax into their practice.


I aim to offer students an experience away from daily life where they can connect with their body and mind and find balance and ease.

I am always looking at building my knowledge & capability to improve my wellbeing and to offer an increasing suite of services to my clients.

Currently I am studying towards a post graduate course in counselling & psychology using the mind, body & spirit approach.

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