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News from the mat

"This yoga should be practiced with firm determination and

perseverance ,without any mental reservation or doubts "

                                            - Bhagavad Gita

Rooftop Yoga

Hips & Hamstrings

Its all about your hips & hamstrings. 

Often, "opening" the hips can be quite uncomfortable both physically, and emotionally.

When we begin to create greater mobility, and flexibility in the hips and pelvis, we take those feelings and sensation into our lives.

When stable and open, the hips are key to our mobility in the world. 

Forward bending asana are deeply calming, allowing us to focus more internally, as we fold ourselves in half. Some can be more physically challenging, others deeply nurturing.

Stimulating the pelvic and abdominal organs, the subtle energetic effects can reveal base emotions held low down within us. 

When we address all the muscles, and tissues that run into,

and out of the pelvis we create greater "freedom" and

mobility in our spines and the deeper "layers" of our body/mind.  

Cultivate Peace

As we witness the harrowing images of war in Ukraine we can feel helpless,

upset and scared.

Many of us are already donating money, and other

items to help.

I urge to all to cultivate peace within yourselves towards all beings, this can

be through prayers, meditations and actions.

I would like to share this beautiful mantra to help you to connect with these feelings, and spread them far and wide. 

Read the words in English, or Sanskrit, quietly to yourself ( internally or externally) whilst visualising a world at peace. 

Lokah Samasta chant.jpg