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What is the focus of our practice, little tips and more about yoga. 

December on the mat 

“When you talk you are only repeating what you already know.

                 When you listen you learn something new”

                                                           -Dalai Lama

Yoga Class for all Ages

It's over to you!

This month its all about you. What would you like to practice?

 Maybe what you don't like (which is often what

you need to practice most)

There maybe a posture you want to try, or gain more

understanding of.

Or a pranayama, chant or meditation technique that you

want to try?

I want to hear from you.


This means that the next few weeks on the mat will be very

varied, and lots of fun. 

Christmas Timetable

Our last week of practice will be w/c 13th December.

Monday 7pm Yin will then return on Monday 10th January

( 3rd is Bank Holiday)


Wednesday 9.15am Yoga basics will return on Wednesday 5th January


Tuesday & Thursday 7am online Vinyasa will return on Tuesday 4th January.

If you pay for a monthly online pass you will have 2 pre-recorded Vinyasa classes and one Yin class to enjoy over Christmas. 

Please note that Tuesday 14th class is cancelled.

This is replaced (for 1 week only) by a class on Monday 13th at 7am.


If you have paid for a month of classes I will be pausing your pass until

we re-start after Christmas

Christmas Coffee Catch up

Wednesday 15th December is the last Yoga Basics class before we break

up for Christmas.

Please join me and Lynny after the class 10.30am at Coffee 1 in Lichfield

for a catch up.

Image by Jamie Street